Seed Quality

For plants to realise their full genetic potential, seeds are the starting point. Seed quality is a very complex trait. Improvements can be achieved both during production and through processing. Factors that influence seed quality are:

  • Genetic makeup of the plant
  • Environmental factors during seed development and ripening on the plant
  • Agri-technical processes used during seed production
  • Technical processes employed during processing
In order to maintain a high quality in seeds and to continually improve the performance of its varieties, research and development on seed quality at KWS is carried out by a multi-disciplinary team. Activities range from basic research to application.

Research at the molecular level aims at developing new or alternative methods that characterise seed quality. At the application end of the spectrum of activities lies optimisation of practices at the field level and development of new techniques for processing and pelleting seeds. Research projects are carried out partly in co-operation with universities and other specialist institutes.

In 30 countries of the world KWS carries out breeding work, in order to individually meet the ...